[Clubsports] Congratulations!

Amy Swingle aswingle at shsu.edu
Mon Feb 14 16:37:08 CST 2005


What a great weekend for the Club Sports Open.  After all the stress  
and worry about the weather, it turned out to be a beautiful day.

I just wanted to send out a big "THANK YOU" to all of you for your  
efforts in making the first Club Sports Open a big success.  Not only  
did the parents enjoy the weekend, but we also got some front page  
exposure in the Huntsville Item.

If you missed out on the weekend, I'm so sorry.  I know some of you  
were traveling and others were rained out, but don't worry...this will  
be an annual event!   We'll figure out a way for EVERYONE to get  

Several of you worked very hard to make this event happen and I truly  
appreciate it.   At the risk of offending or forgetting some, I'm going  
to name names.  They worked too hard to not be publicly recognized.

Heidi Mersiovsky - Great job with the posters, postcards and the  
program!   Even with the typo, it was still great!  :-)

Jenny Gann - For being so conscientious and making sure all our ideas  
are put to paper!   If you hadn't been on the ball, I never would have  
known who was supposed to be where!

Daniel Edinburgh -  For making me laugh and putting up with me giving  
you a hard time.  Keep making those suggestions and tolerating all the  
estrogen in the room.

Venessa McRill - I am so glad you own a truck!  Your enthusiasm and  
support from your team is a great thing to see.  Keep up the good work  
with them.

Kelley Cabrera -  The week didn't start out very well for you and I  
(both sick and wanting to cry about the rain) but not only did we both  
get better, but it never rained!  This event started with your idea and  
you saw it through to the end.  You were great and should feel very  

Mandy and Megan - This job wouldn't be near this much fun without you.   
You guys keep me grounded and give me perspective when I want to  
strangle someone.    Both of you will be great at this job as a  

So that's it...it's over and the ideas are already spinning in my mind  
for next fall's Club Sports Open.  I'm looking at dates, so if you have  
any suggestions, feel free to stop by and talk with me.

Also, I took a ton of pictures this weekend....I'm going to burn the  
best ones and get posted on our website as soon as I can.  If you want  
copies, just let me know.

Thanks again and congratulations on a very successful event!!!


Amy Swingle
Assistant Director - Club Sports & Special Events
Sam Houston State University
Box 2387
Huntsville, TX 77341
work phone:  (936) 294-1967
fax:  (936) 294-1913

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