[Clubsports] a few reminders

venessa Mcrill venessa2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 16:30:12 CDT 2005

hey guys i have a few things to tell yall.
1- you need to turn in all of your waivers asap
2- we wanted each team to give a list of parents to send a post card to for the open you have two days to get that to me so i can send them out.
3- also you have till the 30th of this month to turn in the team bios for the open's program.  also if you want a new picture then you need to send us one or we will be putting the old picture.
4- also we will be having our officer meeting the first monday of the month, on the 3rd at 6, make sure you have at least one officer there.
so other than that i will see all of you later.

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