[Clubsports] few reminders

Venessa R. Mc Rill stdvrm14 at shsu.edu
Thu Feb 2 12:14:46 CST 2006

hey everyone just wanted to say a few things.  First you need to come in a
check your mail boxes you all have things in your boxes so make sure you
come by and get that stuff, also i know you are all really excited about
the chance to win money for your club " i bet yall didnt think it would be
$500" so make sure you have alot of you club members come out and play,
also make sure you rsvp with stryker of about how many yall think will be
joining it doesnt have to be an exact number but somewhere close so we
know for food.  Other than that make sure you turn in the new paper work
on time when you go to trip and other than that have a great season.

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