[Clubsports] Weekly Update

Stacy Hazenberg slh008 at shsu.edu
Mon Nov 13 15:11:36 CST 2006

Hi Clubs,
Well first of all sorry if you are recieving Spam through this but I don't
have control over it.  
1. CONGRATS to Men's Rugby!!!  They won the SFA Tourney (RugbyFest) going
undefeated and only allowing 7 points to be scored in the whole tourney!
Come support them on Upper Pritchett on Saturday for their game against
Texas State @ 2pm
2. Also this weekend Ultimate Frisbee is having a tourney...come support
them on IM2 and IM3 on Saturday and Sunday.
3. STILL missing paperwork from the following........You guys are doing
great job for those who are getting things in to me.
Club	 Handbook Sign.	 Contact List	 Constitution	 SA Registered	
Baseball	 Yes - Eduardo Emmerich	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Bowling	 Yes - Tiffany Hodges	 Yes	 Yes	  	
CMA	 Yes - John Stallings	 Yes	 Yes	  	
Cycling	 Yes - Corey Ray	 Yes	 Yes	  	
Inline Hockey	 Yes - Juddy Ferguson	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Men's Lacrosse	  	  	  	  	
Women's Lacrosse	 Yes - Stephanie Leintz	 Yes	 Yes	  	
Martial Arts (MASHH)	 Yes - Anita Barrett	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Outdoor Adventure	  	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Paintball	 Yes - Abel Farias III	  	 Yes	  	
Powerlifting	 Yes - Cody Dorff	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Women's Rugby	 Yes - Rhema Hill	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Men's Rugby	  	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Women's Soccer	  	 Yes	 Yes	  	
Men's Soccer	 Yes - Daniel Edinburgh	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Tennis	 Yes - Mark Patterson	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Trap & Skeet	 Yes - John Starks	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Ultimate Frisbee	 Yes - Greg Allen	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Women's Volleyball	 Yes - Katie Tucker	 Yes	 Yes	  	
Men's Volleyball	 Yes - Dustin Emery	 Yes	 Yes	 Yes	
Wrestling	 Yes - Garrett Marek	 Yes	 Yes	  	
4.  Just so you guys know I will be leaving the State next Monday (Nov 20th)
and will be gone until the night of the following Monday (Nov 27th), I will
be able to check my email but that about it.  Hope you guys have a FABULOUS
5. One last thing....please...DRIVE SAFE on your way home for Thanksgiving

Stacy Hazenberg
Graduate Assistant
Club Sports & Special Events
Recreational Sports Department



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