[Clubsports] Weekly Update

Stacy Hazenberg slh008 at shsu.edu
Tue Oct 3 09:49:11 CDT 2006

Hey Clubs,
Well I heard the complaints that my emails were coming up black, so sorry
for that.  Hopefully you all can read this one :-)  So its October and that
means that the Club Open is right around the corner on  Saturday October
28th.  For those of you who don't know ALL CLUBS MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE
CLUB OPEN, whether you are competing or not.  
1. If you have a game scheduled or are able to schedule a game for the Open
let me know who, when & where ASAP.  So far I have Baseball having a
Tournament, M. Rugby V. University of Dallas, Women's Lax possibly having a
game, & M/W. Soccer having games.  Other Clubs try to schedule something,
Tennis maybe a tournament?  OAC Rockwall competition?  Men & Women's
Volleyball any matches you can schedule?  Let me know ASAP, I really need to
get a schedule out so we can start promoting.
2. Student Services Registration - Please correct your application as asked
in the individual meeting and if you still haven't started the registration
process please do so we are already too long into the semester to be
slacking now.  BTW Frank is only considered your advisor for Student
Services, for Club Sports you have your initial advisor still (we just had
to make Frank the advisor to speed the process).
3. Please read your handbooks given to you last week and get that signature
page back to me.  
4. STILL missing paperwork from people YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU NEED
TO BRING ME, please do so.
5. VERY IMPORTANT - if you have waivers that you still have not given me
Please please do so immediately don't hold on to them for a month or more
just come turn them in.
6. Don't forget to be checking your box in the Club Sport Office (HKC next
to the Rockwall)
7. Last but not least members of the Club Council will be contacting your
Club to set up a time to come to practice and talk to you about taking a
team photo and explaining the Club Open to you.  The photo will be for a
Club Open Program we will be creating.
Sorry guys that was a really long email, thanks for actually reading the
whole thing.  ;-)

Stacy Hazenberg
Graduate Assistant
Club Sports & Special Events

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