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Thu Oct 5 10:17:37 CDT 2006

Here is the presentation i was telling yall about where you can get points.  Just bring me a sheet from the presentation, showing you went to it.
>>At the "Violence goes to College" conference I went to a workshop 
>>"Can I Kiss You?".   In an interactive, humorous way the presenter 
>>the audience the importance of asking permission to intimately 
>>another person.  The presenter, Mike Domitrz, begins with permission 
>>and relates how important permission is to sex as well. The 
>>presented in a clean, non-threatening manner.  
>>Mike will be on campus to present "Can I Kiss You?" this month.  What 
>>need to know:
>>*He will speak on Thursday October 26 in the Grand Ballroom.  
>>*There are 3 presentations.  The ones at 3:30p.m. and 5:30p.m. are 
>>anyone.  The one at 7:30p.m. is for SFA athletes, spirit squads, 
>>who are receiving a major in which they will work with student 
>>students who have been a part of an intramural or city league for at 
>least 3
>>consecutive seasons and incoming freshmen who were athletes in high 
>>*We don't want to scare away any students so we are advertising it 
>>Dating, Respect and Communication presentation-please do not mention 
>>* If anyone is interested in buying merchandise you can visit
>>http://canikissyou.com  and you will find more information about Mike 
>>some video footage as well.
>>This program is brought to you through a collaborative effort from:
>>Counseling and Career Services, SFA 101, Athletics in general and 
>>Enhancement specifically, Campus Recreation, Student Activities 
>>Housing and the University Police Department.  
>>If you have any questions about the 3:30p.m. or 5:30p.m. 
>>please feel free to contact Nicole Preston by e-mail, 
>prestonnicol at sfasu.edu
>>or phone extension 2415.  For questions related to the athletic 
>>please contact Stephanie McDonald mcdonaldsg at sfasu.edu or 4429. 
>>Thank you for your time.

Venessa McRill 
Sports Club Graduate Assistant 
Stephen F. Austin State University
  Office- HPE 110

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