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The following email is VERY IMPORTANT if you are interested in doing flyers,
please read the process as it is time consuming.


Stacy Hazenberg
Graduate Assistant
Club Sports & Special Events

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Hey guys and gals,

Just so everyone knows the process for flyers, here is what happens:

                A person fills out a flyer request
                The flyer's first draft is typically done within 1-2
business days
                The flyer then gets a marketing approval form attached to it
& filled out (Tina usually does this. but anyone can do it, then the A.D.
has to initial with their approval
                Tina then sends the flyer to Cindy to be signed  &
                After Cindy signs & proof-reads, she gives it to Keith
                Keith signs & proof-reads and gives it back to Cindy, who in
turn gives it to Tina who gives it back to the graphic artists.
                The graphic artists then print out the appropriate number of
flyers and return it back to the a.d. who made the initial request.

A couple of steps can be left out.  1) Tina doesn't have to attach the
approval forms, every a.d can be responsible for filling out their own
marketing approval form.  (We only added this step because the graphic
artists would print out 50 flyers which had not been approved and then they
would have to throw out 50 and fix the errors.)  The other step we can leave
out is after Cindy signs them she can give straight to graphic artists
instead of Tina.

Please let me know if you have any other ideas for stream-lining this
process and I will take them to the professional staff meeting next

Tina DeAses
Senior Assistant Director- Marketing, Promotions & Special Events
Recreational Sports Department Sam Houston State University

Jump In.  Play Hard.

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