[Clubsports] Weekly Update

Stacy Hazenberg slh008 at shsu.edu
Wed Oct 11 16:25:12 CDT 2006

Hey Guys/Gals,
First of all I really hope you all are reading all my emails, I don't just
forward or email you for no reason there is important information in these
emails so PLEASE be reading them.
1. If you have still not done so HAND IN ALL YOUR INSURANCE WAIVERS!!! The
people without waivers on file cannot be practicing or competing.
2. Get registered online with Student Services ASAP!
3. Need paperwork from the following clubs
Baseball: Handbook Signature
CMA: Handbook Signature
Women's Lacrosse: Handbook Signature
Outdoor Adventure: Handbook Signature(from new handbook provided at the
meeting you guys missed)
Paintball: Handbook Signature; Contact List
Powerlfiting: Handbook Signature
Racquetball: Handbook Signature; Contact List; Constitution
Women's Rugby: Handbook Signature
Men's Rugby: Handbook Signature
Women's Soccer: Handbook Signature
Men's Soccer: Handbook Signature
Ultimate Frisbee: Handbook Signature
Men's Volleyball: Handbook Signature
You guys can hand those into either HKC 104 or 162.
4. Club Open - Please get me game schedules as soon as you know them so I
can really get this thing going and make posters to advertise.  Be
advertising it yourselves by telling friends, family and peers.
5. Check you boxes in the Club office next to the climbing wall in the HKC,
that is where Jenny & myself have been putting rosters, copies of waivers &
other info for you club.
Hope you all have a great homecoming!

Stacy Hazenberg
Graduate Assistant
Club Sports & Special Events

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