[Clubsports] Weekly Update

Stacy Hazenberg slh008 at shsu.edu
Tue Sep 26 10:27:22 CDT 2006

Hey Clubs,
First of all a big THANK YOU those of you who have come & met with myself &
Frank.  For those of you who haven't even signed up to meet with us you have
a limited amount of time to do so, so please do it ASAP.  It is important
that you make time to attend these meeting they are less than 30 mins, these
clubs include Paintball, Men's Volleyball & OAC.  
Items to bring to the meeting that I am still (nearly 2 months later)
missing.  The new consequence will be that you will not have access to your
accounts without this paperwork so if you want your money I want you
Baseball: Constitution
Inline Hockey: Contact List
Paintball: Contact List & Constitution
Men's Rugby: Constitution
Trap & Skeet: Contact List    
Last but not least...there is quite a few of you coming it with some great
t-shirt ideas.  Please submit detailed drawings to myself & Frank for
approval as soon as possible so we can get the ball rolling on those.

Stacy Hazenberg
Graduate Assistant
Club Sports & Special Events

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