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Veronica L. Atkins vla001 at shsu.edu
Mon Jul 30 07:49:37 CDT 2007

Hello all Club Sport Teams,

This is Veronica Atkins, the Club Council Secretary.  Frank and I thought
it would be a good idea for all teams to have a copy of our last all club
meeting from April 23. There is an attachment.

Also, an early reminder that your club's President, Vice-President, and
Treasurer must be present for the first all Club Sport meeting for the
Fall 2007.  It will be held in the same room as always in the HKC, room

This meeting will be on Sunday, August 19 at 3:30 pm. Representatives from
your team MUST be there or you will miss out on important budgeting

For this meeting, please bring your updated officers contact list (name,
e-mail and phone number, and club name),a start of your alumni list, and
your budget and facility request forms.  Forms are available online on the
Club Sports website or down in the Club Sports office.

A reminder will be sent closer to the time of the meeting.

I hope everyone is having a good summer,

Veronica Atkins

vla001 at shsu.edu
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