MT and Musicianship

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Sun, 31 Oct 1999 23:02:02 -0600

Hi Susan,
I also sing  in a choir, and felt something was really missing musically in
my life until I went back to this. I understand exactly what you mean by
having some personal validation of the power of music. 
Also, out of curiousity, in another post, someone (Caroline? Sorry I deleted
it) mentioned that many degrees are Bachelors of Music.  I live in Canada,
near Toronto, and while we have nowhere near as many training programmes
here, I believe that of the 4 undergrad programmes, 2 give Bachelors of
Music Therapy and 2 give Bachelors of Music. Does anyone know what the break
down is in the U.S.? 
Happy Trick or Treating!
Laurie Smith, BMusTher, MTA
Mississauga, ON, Canada
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/31/1999 at 11:01:42 PM

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