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Sun, 10 Oct 1999 14:12:11 -0500

I"m going out on a limb here, but I believe the first program was at KU in
Lawrence Ks. I also think the first program to be set up was in the Topeka
VA.  If this isn't accurate, it's what my MT prof at TWU, Dr. Michel taught
us when I was inschool.  At least, it's what I remember being taught. I
could be wrong, it was almost 10 years ago. Dr. Michel was one of the first
practicing music therapists. I believe he covers it in his book.  I don't
know about the registration process.
                  Alice, Shawn, and Maggie, 9/2/97
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/10/1999 at 2:11:54 PM

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