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Sun, 10 Oct 1999 14:16:09 -0500

I hear you Dori, and I agree with you.  I  am very saddened by your post because it invalidates 
everything we work for.   I wonder what NYU's position is on this because of its involvement with Nordoff 
Robbins Music Therapy clinic.  Is there anything we can do or in particular, some government agency 
we can appeal to? 

Dori Berger wrote: 
    I wonder if others around the country are having the problems some of us back east are having. It 
   seems that anyone who has had some semblence of course work in the general area of music 
   therapy, or who plays guitar and sings, is passing as 'music therapist'.   The result is that a state 
   such as New York has issued a document declaring Music Therapy a not recommended as an 
   intervention for children with autism, due to lack of information, formal practice procedures, and 
   other follow up stuff. In my state there are several persons operating under the title of music 
   therapist, who are neither RMT, CMT, or MT-BC, but who have either a degree in MT without 
   having done the internships, or have degrees in music education but are fulfilling the role of music 
   therapist.  As such, schools are hiring these persons, passing them off as music therapists.   The 
   implication on our profession is profound.   Without proper insight (never mind appropriate initials), 
   they are proceding to ruin the field for those of us who have struggled to become properly 
   credentialed.  Then, when things go wrong, there is a sentiment that Music Therapy doesn't 
   work.   Which destroys credentialed folks' ability to obtain placement, or clients. Is anyone else 
   having trouble in their towns with non-credentialed persons being hired as MT's while credentialed 
   persons are not?  Is there any standard?   Why isn't AMTA constantly educating institutions and 
   schools about the profession?   Never mind that states don't certify MT"s.   But have I become a 
   credentialed person for nothing?    Where is the Music Therapy Community in this problem?  Why 
   do I have to compete with an incompetent, or at best, a do-gooder who want and obtains 
   credibility without credentials?   There are at least two school districts in my area that has hired 
   such.  AMTA has not been called for input on whom to hire.   They hire the 'girl next door' who 
   plays guitar, or has her heart in the right place.   I'm so disappointed in my profession.   Certainly, 
   I can't fight the battle alone.   What's the story?   Should I leave the field in order to avoid mingling 
   with amateur Music Therapists? 


     Daniel R. Leopold, MA, MT-BC 
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/10/1999 at 2:14:51 PM

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