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Tue, 12 Oct 1999 21:48:18 -0500

In response to Dori Berger:
In the UK and in Australia, where I am currently working, the problem of unqualified people calling 
themselves Music Therapists is a constant problem.
It is happening all the time.
Sometimes the situation can be resolved by talking to individuals concerned ie educating them about 
whtat music thery and a music therpists actually is, and how much is involved in training. A similar 
approach to the Institution can work too - not in anger or resentment but professionally to make things 
clearn about what they are doing.
In Australia all RMT's have a membership card showing that they are registered with the professional 
association ie the AMTA. The AMTA in all its literature stresses that employers should always make 
sure they empoloy a qualified and registered music therapist.
The answer is a constsnt proces of education year in and year out.
I strongly recommend you get your AMTA to work on your behalf. They can approach the Institutions 
concerned. There is plenty of literature too supporting the efficacy of MT with autistic children - books 
and journal articles. Also get the N/R Centre at NYU to support you. Contact Alan Turry, Ken Aigen or 
Clive Robbins.
They will have practical ideas.
Are you going to Washington in November ? Talk to people there. Above all involve the AMTA. That is 
waht they are there for.
Best wishes
Robin Howat
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/12/1999 at 9:47:41 PM

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