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Fri, 15 Oct 1999 00:16:19 -0500

Thank you to Ken Aigen for the information about the "birth" of music therapy 
in academia.  It's amazing to note that a four-year program in music therapy 
was established 55 years ago.  
And I agree with what Ken said:  << I think that if we are treating this service as a
professional/scholarly resource then we have to be more certain about the
information that we share, especially when dealing with clearly factual 
matters. >>  
On a slightly related tangent, I'd like to request that posts responding to 
queries or threads that originated on listservs other than MT-PRO are clear 
as to the origination of the thread.  It has been disorienting to read MT-PRO 
posts referring to previous emails that I did not get because I am only on 
the MT-PRO list.  Thanks.
Lori Baur, MA, CMT

[ EDITORS' NOTE:  Lori's suggestion regarding posting of messages originally on other lists
     is a good one.  I'm not aware that it has happened more than once, but I will be clear about
     it in the future!  Thanks. ]
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/15/1999 at 12:14:08 AM

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