CBMT and Musicianship Skills

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n response to Jim Hiller's posting...
I agree that it would be wonderful to include a test of musical ability to
the CBMT.  I have found a staggering number of MT-BC's with wonderful
resumes, great interpersonal skills but only fair to poor skills with piano,
guitar and voice.  In many cases I can see that only some experience and
seasoning is needed; however, in others the prospective MT relies so heavily
on recorded music that they never develop these skills.  
I advocate strongly with the practicum students who come my way to use live
music whenever possible.  The ability to provide live music is  one of the
most important factors that set us apart from other disciplines, not to
mention the effect it has on clients - they can become part of the music
making and experience/express the emotion first hand.  
I know I'm preaching to the choir on this point; however, I feel it an
important point that is not being enforced strongly enough with
students/interns in many cases.  
I have another question/point as well.  I have been extremely surprised at
how few responses I received to the job opening made available here in
Houston at HCPC.  Is anyone else experiencing a lull in applications for
prospective MT positions?  The position to which I'm referring is now
filled; however, I only received 2 applications while it was open.  It
surprises me because it is a full time/40hr per week position with great
benefits and longevity possibilities.  
I often hear MT's and interns express concern about not being able to find
work, yet when a juicy position like this comes open, very few apply.  Any
Carina K. Ayers, MT-BC
UT-Houston, Harris County Psychiatric Center
2800 S. MacGregor Way
Houston, Tx 77021
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