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I agree that the CBMT exam is a great place to start when it comes to
ensuring the education of any music therapist.
But . . . how does one measure the musicianship or clinical skills on a
standardized test ??  Our colleagues in the Art Therapy profession use peer
mentorship/supervision, collecting ( i think) 1500 hours in addition to a
standardized test, and one cannot be pursued without the other.
As we market ourselves among other disciplines who carry licensure, we have
to be prepared to take a critical look at what our BC exam can and CANNOT
measure if we hope to have it taken seriously by the professionals who hire
us and reimburse us.  Because curriculum standards and music skill levels
vary greatly among undergraduate and graduate programs, we can't rely on the
degree granting institutions to set the competency standard.  That means
that WE have to arrive at a credentialling process that measures up, and
that we also have to step up to the responsibility of educating the
facilities and individuals who hire music therapists about that process so
that the MT-BC credential stands for something.
I think that a formal supervisory relationship has made all the difference
in my development as a therapist and that mentoring is a valuable way to
stay connected to more experienced professionals.  I would urge those who
can create policy and develop the credentialling process to explore this
option as a companion to the BC exam.

Christine Wineberg
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, mtpro@multipro.com on 10/17/1999 at 11:46:46 PM

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