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The following message was sent to the e-mail account of the Southeastern Region, American Music 
Therapy Association.  Because I believe there may be many members of MT-PRO who would be interested 
in corresponding with Dr. Shushardjan, I am posting his e-mail message on the list.

I encourage those persons wishing to correspond with him to contact him at his e-mail address:

Michael Clark
Co-owner, MT-PRO

Dear sirs !
         I am interested in cooperation in the field of educational &
scientific research programmes for Music Therapy.  Let  me  briefly
introduce      myself.
    I am  Sergey V. Shushardjan -  M.D., Doctor of Medicine ; Doctor  of
Phylosophy in Medicine ;  Professor of   MSMI  & IHSB;   Academician of  the
IAIM, RAMTS, PAS&A, IAEIS; Member  of the  ISS of EAV.
    Sinse 1990 I am  director of the Institute for Traditional Medicine and
Music Therapy.
For further information.
  My well-disposed fortune gave me a chance to be not only a doctor but
also professional opera singer of high international class (baritone). After
educating  State Conservatory  in 1984 , I've travelled and sung with great
seccess in  Opera Houses of different European Countries.  I  have
extensive musical  knowlidge and repertoire: more than 15 opera parts ,  500
arias and  songs .
    Adequate professional skill in different fields of Medicine and  Music
has given  me occasion to devise new original methods of nonmedicament
treatment .
Some of  scientific activities.
-  developed unique method of Music & Vocal Therapy which is some special
Treating and Training system based on the rules of Belcanto. It activates
nonspesific resistance and reserves  of human organism. Positive effect in
treating cardiovascular,bronchopulmonary pathology and neurosis was  marked.
-  discovered and registred some vibration waves in vitals during singing by
special computer system;
- determined mechanism of 4 main positive singing properties for Health.
-   discovered  Byoresonance responce from somatic cells after influence of
some kinds of music, in particular -  activisation of vital function of
cancer cells (cultivited Melanoma BRO). Method of radiometric indication of
effect was used in the work.
-   was an active participiant of 19 Intrernational Conferences,  President
of  2 International Congresses  for Integrative Medicine, which were held in
Cyprus in 1997 & 1998.
  Publications: more than 50 papers, 1  monograph,  2 dissertations ,  2
books .
   Time and again I was invited for international seminars as an originator
of new methods in Music Therapy and lecturer: in Munich, Germany, 1995; in
London, England, 1996 ; in Paphos, Cyprus , 1997 ; in Nice, France, 1998; in
Bari , Italy, 1999 . All of them were very seccessful.
     Our institiute is fulfilling educational training programes in Music
Therapy for phisicians, neuropathists and other medical specialities  .
    Now we are going to make Music Therapy an independent speciality and
next year  open the department of Music Therapy at the Moscow State Musical
Academy according baccalaureate degree programm. This project is the first
in Russia and we hope that important  experience of AMTA and American
Universities can be very helpful for us.  Can you help us ?  We need to have
baccalaureate degree program proved by AMTA to compare with our own program.
We are interested in every details, including shedule of seminars, lessons,
recommending literature and textbooks.....
    Also if you'll like to present  some  original Music Therapy methods
unknown in our country we can arrange corresponding seminars in the near
   From our side we can offer following seminars: 1) "Psychichal,
Physiologic  and   Byophysical    aspects   of    Music Therapy"; 2)
"Musictherapy and Acupuncture"; 3) "Music&Vocal Therapy". The last one  is
accompanied by Master Classes , usually by concert of Opera Music and is
very popular (I have several perfect solo programes -
Mozart,Verdi,Tchaikovsky  etc) .
 We have also very popular seminars with common denotation  : "Modern
Integrative Medical Technologies". Among those technologies are :
Electropuncture  by Dr. Voll's method & Music Therapy ; Byoresonance
Thechnologies & Music Therapy ; IMEDIS-Resonance Test ; Hronotherapy . They
are equiped by unique portative  computer systems which ensure very expedite
general diagnosis of organism and effective treatment when it is nessesary.
All that technologies are  very  useful themselves and particulary for Music
      If you will find this information interesting  please let us know. I
think that exchange of our experience and knowlegde will be very important
for further evolution of Music Therapy and look forward to begining dialogue
and then to expanding our increasingly beneficial relations.
Pr. Sergey V. Shushardjan
For contacts :               E-mail:
Tel. :   095 / 255-59-98  ;   Fax. :  095 / 255-96-20  ;  Pr. :  095 /
932-78-45 .
13/1 Volkov pereulok, Moscow,  123242,  Russia.
The Institute for Traditional Medicine and Music Therapy
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