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Thu, 21 Oct 1999 00:42:10 -0500

Carina Ayers wrote:
I have been extremely surprised at how few responses I received to the job 
opening made available here in Houston at HCPC.  Is anyone else experiencing 
a lull in applications forprospective MT positions?  The position to which 
I'm referring is now
filled; however, I only received 2 applications while it was open.  It
surprises me because it is a full time/40hr per week position with great
benefits and longevity possibilities.  
I often hear MT's and interns express concern about not being able to find
work, yet when a juicy position like this comes open, very few apply.  Any
thoughts? >>
I am not sure of the details of the job, but I will tell you a couple of my 
thoughts.  One, it seems to me that certain areas of the country have a glut 
of music therapists, others do not.  This may relate to the location of the 
training programs, I don't know.  Secondly, I don't know where you posted 
your job opening but I have been on a continuous search for music therapy 
positions in all parts of the country and get my information from many 
different sources and I never saw this job posting.  Third, I think the 
demand for jobs depends on the population.  For instance, I work with 
children and children's jobs seem harder to come by.  
In New York City most of the jobs I have applied for have had a huge number 
of applicants.  Recently a full-time a fellowship I applied for that didn't 
even pay very highly had an extremely competitive field of therapists 
applying for the position, and even though it was a training fellowship most 
of the people who applied already had their master's degrees in music 
Perhaps it has a lot to do with location.  Any thoughts?
Lori Baur, M.A., CMT
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/21/1999 at 12:41:50 AM

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