CBMT and Musicianship Skills

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Thu, 21 Oct 1999 00:40:51 -0500

Thanks for your response, Carina. 
Its great that you encourage your practicum students to use live music- and 
to be good at it! It IS our uniqeness- and it is a powerful tool to be 
utilized! It is to your credit that you encourage students to "get their 
skills together" early on in the education process- not leaving it to the 
internship- or worse, never really developing strong musical skills because 
they were not encouraged or nurtured. Such a loss- how limiting. 
Please take note of Christine's comments about mentoring/supervision as a way 
to continually work on these skills. She has a good idea there that should be 
explored and talked up to anyone who will listen.
Jim Hiller MMT,MT-BC
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, mtpro@multipro.com on 10/21/1999 at 12:40:34 AM

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