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My desire to enter the field of MT was to use the piano skills i had acquired 
through 12 years of piano lessons. The musical ability to reproduce the 
sounds from a page were automatic and came easily. I enjoyed playing but was 
not so passionate that I could avoid the burnout that came at the end of the 
4 years of studying piano. I was totally uninterested and COULD no longer 
play. (I HATED playing!!!!!!!!!!!)
I use alot of vocal singing and body rhythms instead of active playing an 
Does this make me less of a music therapist because I choose to utilize other 
abilities and different forms of creative arts within my music therapy 
sessions? I would not consider myself a CreativeArts THerapist because I do 
not have FORMAL training in all the areas, however I have a passion and 
natural talent for using visual arts within my therapy sessions.
I honestly do not see how you can TEST for musical ability. Who chooses what 
is musical talent and what is the best knowledge for the instrument? It is my 
responsiblity to continue to improve my own skills. Yes we all influence how 
others perceive music therapy ~ but we all influence how we perceive all 
different groups of individuals (ie, Americans, Canadians, Christians, 
African - Americans, Blondes, Brunettes, Males, Females. ) 
Our entire basis of Music Therapy is Anchoring. How each individual relates 
to a certain selection of music related to their past experiences, either 
positive or negative. 
I do not consider my music skills to be as high as they COULD/Should be but I 
do not consider myself any less qualified to provide music therapy sessions. 
And my clients do not feel they are being cheated. I think it is all 
I like the mentoring idea because it would allow for accountability and 
structure however, how can you condemn someone for doing what is right to 
encourage someone else just because it dipped into your pocket? 
I was drawn to music therapy because it allowed me to take something that 
EVERY human has as a part of their life (MUSIC) we are musical creatures 
whether we are actively playing in a traditional sense a musical instrument 
or if we are walking, speaking, breathing, singing. I wanted to meet people 
where they were and help them reach their next level. 
What better place than in music.

Erin Jones
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