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I like Susan Mandel's idea of establishing some musical competency standards at the internship level, 
which would be tested 
and improved (if necessary) in that setting.
Speaking from the standpoint of one who supervised interns for over 15 years, I can say that I have seen 
some dramatic 
"turn-a-rounds" during this six month intensive experience.  I actually accepted some interns whom I knew 
needed some skill 
improvement with the idea of making that part of their training.
Should this be the responsibility of the intern supervisors?  Probably not, but since students are so busy 
with other matters 
during their undergraduate studies, it may be our best bet.  During internship the student has much more 
time to devote to 
practice and the use of skills in sessions.  With proper guidance much can be done at this level to improve 
For this to happen clinical training directors need to look at interns as "persons to be trained" and not as 
"slave labor" to do 
the work, while the supervisor takes care of other duties.  This latter attitude has surfaced in some 
meetings of C.T.D.'s that 
I have attended, and it is very unfortunate and self-serving.
Is it unfair to think that a student who completes all course work for a degree in music therapy should fail 
an internship 
because of poor skills?  Not really.  We may be doing them a great favor by not sending them into a field 
for which they are 
not prepared.  Would parents of these students understand this turn of events?  Probably not; however, 
those same 
parents would not understand why their son or daughter with a degree in music therapy could not find or 
keep a job.
This is a good discussion.  Let's keep it going.
Joe Pinson, MA, MT-BC
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