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Jim and others in the CBMT discussion,
I don't know if you've read all the posts but I did write about the 
supervisor's evaluations as being a very important part of this process, and 
I don't see why they couldn't be utilized in application for the CBMT just as 
they were used in part of my application process for my CMT.  I feel this IS 
a solution, and not a far-fetched one.  Perhaps somewhat involved to apply 
because of the depth involved in evaluation, but that is precisely the point. 
The first section on the CMT evaluation asked the supervisor to evaluate 
musical skills on keyboard, piano, guitar, voice, nonsymphonic instruments, 
and composition and arrangement on a scale of 1 to 5 plus a comments section. 
The AAMT also had established guidelines of competency.  I don't have those 
at hand -- perhaps another former AAMT person does -- those are what the 
evaluation was based on and I and I'm sure many others would love to see them 
integrated into the CBMT format somehow.
I do think musicianship is crucial to work as a music therapist and it's an 
area I constantly work on improving for myself.  I am not familiar with the 
CBMT exam, but I have to be completely honest here in contributing to this 
ongoing dialogue:  just as a written exam can't adequately judge 
musicianship, how can it possibly judge a person's skills as a therapist?  
Isn't a written exam more about knowledge than therapeutic process?  Would 
love to some thoughts on this.  
Lori L. Baur, MA, CMT
In a message dated 10/25/99 8:12:49 AM, mtpro@multipro.com writes:
For anyone else out there reading the postings regarding this subject, I hope 
to hear some solutions- even if they may be far fetched or extremely 
difficult to apply. I plan to present them to folks in decision making 
positions to urge them on to seriously explore the issue. Please think of it 
as brainstorming- lets see if we can find something usable.
Thanks again to all.
Jim Hiller MMT,MT-BC
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