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I would like to add a few things to the discussion about music skills and the
CBMT, etc. First, this is certainly an issue of great importance and one about
which I have heard many discussions over the years. It is a concern throughout
the university training and one which people work very hard to address --
and/but if it hasn't been fully addressed with success, it becomes a concern
during clinical training, of course. And later, as we are hearing!
I think that increasing use of the AMTA professional competencies (as Donna
Polen and others, I believe, mentioned) will help. (There will be a session at
the World Congress on the professional competencies which some of you may want
to attend. It should be relevant to this discussion.)
In discussions in which I have participated about what is feasible for the
CBMT to examine, I have been told that the cost of adding a performance
assessment would be prohibitive. I think that most people agree that the cost
is already higher than we would wish. It is very different in terms of numbers
than the former AAMT process, which was able to give individual attention (due
to philosophical reasons, certainly, but it was also more practical
logistically). Perhaps those involved with the CBMT would share their
perspectives on this.
Several people had mentioned supervision as a possible addition to the
requirements for becoming Board Certified, and that this could be a way to add
a check on music skills. I think that this is a really good area to pursue.
Many other professions require ongoing supervision after people complete their
academic work, prior to receiving the professional credential or license.
Supervision is the norm in some parts of the U. S. (not enough!) and with a
few approaches to music therapy, and it is widely accepted  as standard
practice in a number of other countries. I think that we could benefit greatly
from adding this to the way that we do things -- and it should certainly be
allowed to count for CMTE credits.
I'm enjoying this discussion and think that it is extremely important.
Barbara Wheeler PhD, MT-BC
Montclair State University
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/27/1999 at 11:06:49 PM

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