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Fri, 29 Oct 1999 07:20:24 -0500

I would like to respond to this discussion as a clinical training
supervisor.  I have very little time to teach basic music skills.  I
encourage all my interns to practice those skills they have, and I screen
carefully for students that at least have a good beginning knowledge of
guitar, piano, and voice.  I think students need to learn these skills at
the university level, and that there should be some competencies required at
that level, before they become interns.  Most of us who are supervising are
not being paid for the extra time and effort it takes to train interns.  We
do it because we care about the profession and are committed to quality
professional training.  Universities are set up for learning, and I think
the academic setting should take the responsibility of making sure students
are well on their way to mastering these musical skills before they are in
an internship.  I remember getting into this same discussion several years
ago at a clinical training supervisor workshop, so I know there is a
difference of opinion on this. 
I also want to respond to the fact that some students do get their diploma
before they do an internship, and therefor can claim to have a music therapy
degree without having a credential, or even completing the training.  It
would seem that this is an area where AMTA should be able to influence the
academic settings to require at least the completion of an internship before
graduation.  I would like to hear from some professors on this point, so I
can understand how this happens.  
Ellen Rayfield, MT-BC
Psychiatric Clinical Research Center/UIC
-- MT-PRO Music Therapy List, on 10/29/1999 at 7:20:08 AM

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