Music Practitioners
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 09:13:57 EDT

Hi, Marcie, 

I looked up music practitioners on the web, and looked at their course 
requirements, etc. ....  They don't seem to have a board-certification 
process as we do, and there isn't much in the curriculum pertaining to 
psychology, abnormal and otherwise, or human development, and what have you.  
(Lots of Mozart Effect reading, though... that right there frightens me a 

I agree with you; they do seem performance-based.  While they definitely 
distinguish themselves as different from MT, it still makes me really 
uncomfortable that they are packaging a "therapeutic" music service in a 
health care setting.  Those in the health care field who may know a bit about 
music therapy (after all, it IS getting some press these days, which is 
good), may not recognize the distinction between the two fields, and lump it 
all together as music therapy.  THAT scares me, and it also makes our 
campaign to get MT recognized more readily that much harder. 
I think our best bet as board-certified music therapists is to always 
educate, always stress, that we provide a clinical service to  people, and 
have ready research, documentation, and educational standards to back us up.  

Just my two cents; don't know how helpful it is.  I appreciate the info you 
brought to the board.

marybeth gunning, mt-bc
worcester, ma

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