IT technology and music therapy

Dirk & Julie Cushenbery
Mon, 02 Oct 2000 22:59:08 -0500

Jaunetta Paul, Barry Bernstein use Intellitools/MIDI switches.  Jon
Adams has
created a system of MIDI switches which he uses with clients
(  I believe Allison Ebberts is giving a session in
St. Louis
on using digital video in the clinic.  I'm doing a session on the uses
midi-karaoke.  Daniel Leopold surveyed MIDI usage for his thesis at
University.  My thesis was "A content analysis of the first year of
which is less clinically oriented.

Going back a ways there are surveys by Obarra, and Krout in the MT
Databases have been created by Charles Eagle and by Michael Clark
sites).  The Krout article reviews computer uses in MT university
programs.  So
there is work being done and plenty of reading material available.

Generally the intellitools software is being used in special education
and one needs reading skills in order to do karaoke (psych pts).

In the area of journals, The Nordic journal of MT /Brynjulf Stige
appears to be
leading the way in formatting material on the internet.

What type of computer usage are you considering?

Dirk Cushenbery

Viggo Krüger wrote:

> I am an masterdegree student in music therapy in Norway. I want to
study how
> to use IT-tecnology (computers) in music therapy. I wonder if anyone
> come across ways of using computers in music therapy and what has
there been
> written about it.

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