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Mon Apr 25 08:42:28 CDT 2005

This is your last reminder to RSVP by Tuesday at noon (RSVP at 
shsu_ntso at hotmail.com) for the non-traditional student dinner scheduled for 
THIS Saturday evening, April 30, at Margarita's Restaurant, from 7:00 pm to 
10:0 pm.  Everyone will pay for their meal separately. Feel free to bring 
your spouse, children, or friends. Also, remember that alcohol is served at 
this restaurant, and the dress code will accommodate you in casual or dressy 
attire. We already have over 20 people who have RSVP'd. Are you one of them?

Our next and final meeting of this school year is THIS Thursday at 
11:45-1:00. Be sure to come and meet our new officers and say goodbye to our 
old officers. Come join us in the LSC, room 315. We are expecting a guest 
speaker, and we will have drinks and cookies to snack on.

Don't forget that the NTSO was nominated for a Sammy Award as an outstanding 
organization of the year. Your outgoing president, Frances Crawford 
Fennessy, was nominated for a Sammy Award as an outstanding non-traditional 
student of the year, and one of your own members, Cindy Lindquist, has also 
been nominated for a Sammy Award as an outstanding non-traditional student 
of the year.  The Sammy Awards will be presented THIS Wednesday evening at 
7:00 pm in the LSC Ballroom. Please come and show your support for your 
organization. This is generally a dressy event. However, I have seen 
people's attire range from blue jeans to gowns. Tickets are not required.

Finally, please remember, if you are a graduating senior this year and have 
found it difficult to pay for your cap and gown, please email us here at 
shsu_ntso at hotmail.com. We have a program to help you meet your needs. There 
is absolutely no reason in the world for you to not be able to walk down the 
aisle at graduation. You have done a great thing by completing your program 
and meeting your goals. Now you deserve to be recognized for such an 

If you have any questions about any of these things, feel free to email me 
at shsu_ntso at hotmail.com. I will be happy to help you anyway I can.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Frances Crawford Fennessy
(outgoing) NTSO President

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