[Ntso] Daycare on campus

Nicole D. Wilke stdndw12 at shsu.edu
Tue Apr 4 15:54:02 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I agree that a daycare facility on-campus would be of benefit, but it
would have to be one that would fit the needs of non-tratditional
I am referring to flexible hours, reduced costs of care, flexible day

I looked into putting my kids into Bearkitten Academy back in 2003, but it
would have cost me just as much as a traditional daycare.  With 4 kids
that's $1600 a month wether they are there 2 days or 5.  My income is
$0.00 and everything I get in financial aid goes towards registration,
books, and fees.  There just isn't anything leftover for daycare.  Plus
they were not flexible over the summer, when I needed them for 6 days a
week for a 3 week period.  Thank goodness my brother had just come back
from Afghanistan and needed something to do!


PS.  I heard rumors that Bearkitten Academy had "problems", alledgedly
with staff being physically abusive to the children but I never got any
confirmation on this.


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