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Mon Apr 17 17:58:36 CDT 2006

To all of our members:
I have been talking to several other non-traditional students like
ourselves and found that there are relatively few that even know about
NTSO. If I remember correctly I found out threw one of our advisers that
happens to be a professor of mine. I do think that we could get a better
word out. further more I agree with Andrea that we should hold a dance or
something to that effect. Having a dance would allow us to not only get to
know each other but we could also invite those who are interested in our
organization. We could also do something like a picknick. It is cheap to
do and everyone could bring a dish and our children. We have many place on
campus and across the street that would serve our purpose there. I
personally have only met a few of our members. I am aware that as "older
adults" with jobs and children it is not always easy to get all of us in
one room at the same time. As far as moving the meetings, we have a
relative small turn out at our meetings as of late.
I think the meeting room that we have is fine (at lest for now) it surveys
our purpose and it being small allows us a more personal meeting. I know
in my own experience I dont talk to many people on campus because I dont
think I would have much in common with them. lord knows I feel like and
old woman on campus because most people are 10 or so years younger than I.
Its a feeling of just not fitting in. NTSO is the answer to that problem.
I assume that most of those in our organization are in the same boat.
Another idea that I have is that our being a social organization I would
like to purpose that we do some kind of "giving back to our community". I
have had my own experiences were if it had not been for the generous
people of our community I would have even less than what I do and I would
not have been able to stay in school as long as I have. I dont know much
about how we get our money for our organization or if we are able to raise
funds in one way or another. I would like to even see if there is one way
or another that we could even help to support each other. The angel tree
is a great idea. There are other times when  people have even less because
Christmas is the only time when donations are up for those in need. There
are things like the Sam Houston folk fest this weekend and I seen them
pracicly begging for people to help out with it. I have done it in the
past and received extra credit for a class because of my help, but more
importantly it was fun!
What do yall think of my idea's am I off my rocker?
Angi Bremkamp
alb017 at shsu.edu

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