[Ntso] Last Meeting - April 26th

Andrea Woodlief andrea_woodlief at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 01:23:02 CDT 2006

Hello Everyone,

Here is what happened at the last meeting:

Guest Speaker:
The Small Business Development Center came to give a workshop on how to 
start a small business.  I think this was one of the best guest speakers 
that we had all year.  We actually had two speakers, and they passed out a 
informational packet about starting a business and gave a short presentation 
using powerpoint on the aspects of small business development.  The entire 
three hour presentation can be seen for free at one of the many workshops 
that the SBDC offers.  During the workshop we discussed such issues as 
getting a business started, competition in the market, business location, 
credit and the type of business to select.  After the workshop the guest 
speakers answered some questions by the group. I will be posting the guest 
speaker information soon to our website.

New Business:
At the meeting we also discussed the new listserv that will be used for 
discussions between the members of NTSO and the chat room that I made for 
the group as a gift.  The new listserv is now available and you can register 
for it by visiting our website.  Ralph will be finishing up the details of 
the baseball day and we will be annoucing that very soon.

Old Business:
The elections will be on May 1-2, and we will have a transitional meeting on 
May 3rd.  We have at least one person running for each office, but if you 
would like to come forward and run then just send a biography to the main 
listserv (ntso at shsu.edu) by Monday at 8a.m.

This has been a wonderful year and I have enjoyed every aspect of being a 
part of this group! I will be posting the minutes to this meeting soon and I 
will send the link to the minutes over the listserv.

Andrea L. Woodlief
President, Non-Traditional Student Organization
visit our website: www.shsu.edu/~org_ntso

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden 
haze.” ~ Amanda Cross

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