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Gillian R. Kettle stdgrk12 at shsu.edu
Wed Feb 1 17:44:19 CST 2006

My name is Gillian Kettle, I have not had a chance to come to the meetings
recently because all of my classes have been in Conroe.  I like being
apart of this organization because it really meet a need in the university
community). I have never wondered why Andrea choose the position because I
did not think that was an issue. Anyone  who uses his/ her time to help
others is alright in my book. I would love to contribute more to this
world, but I am just not physically able. To those who are willing and
able, I am always greatful. I appreciate your effort and hope that you
will not get discourage. My quote for the day is "A blow with a word,
strikes deeper than a blow with a sword" (I dont' remember the source)

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