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Karen A. Golemon stdkag28 at shsu.edu
Sun Feb 5 16:28:02 CST 2006

I am really sorry that someone would say something to offend you like
that. You seemed dedicated to make his organization succeed for us all. I
used to attend meetings when they first began but I have gotten a job and
cannot attend. I did appreciate all the support you and the group offered
while I needed it most.
Thank You,

> Hello Group,
> I thought that we could turn the mailing list into an open discussion
> about
> a topic that has come forward.  I have recently been accussed of being
> president of this organization to try to impress someone.  The people in
> this organization are my friends and like family, and I care so much about
> all of the members.  I enjoy seeing the smiles of all the members, and the
> rewards for working hard are great.
> The hard work that I have put into this organization is because I want to
> see it succeed, and I feel that it is a worthwhile organization for future
> non-traditional students at SHSU.  When I was a computer science major
> there
> were times when I was the only women in a class of 50 students.  This was
> a
> learning experience, because I realized the importance of doing things for
> myself and for achievement, and not to try to be impressive.
> If anyone would like to add to this then feel free.
> Andrea L. Woodlief
> President, Non-Traditional Student Organization
> "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the
> source of all true art and science."  -- Albert Einstein
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