[Ntso] Suggestions about Guest Speakers

Andrea Woodlief andrea_woodlief at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 16 12:36:49 CST 2006

Hello Group,

We will be having 4 more meetings this year and all of the guest speakers 
are booked, but if anyone has suggestions for guest speakers next year then 
just let me know.

I selected the guest speakers based on the meetings from last year and my 
own personal interests.  I am an animal lover (which drove my husband up the 
wall, because I had 5 cats), I enjoy studying Texas History, and I want to 
be a lawyer.

It sounds more like post-it notes that you would hang from a refrigerator 
that is covered with ABC magnets for a secret admirer to see, but I thought 
that it would be nice to make the meetings interesting and spice them up a 
bit.  :-)

My email inbox is always open, so if anyone has suggestions then just let me 

Andrea L. Woodlief
President, Non-Traditional Student Organization

"All God's angels come to us disguised."  ~ James Russell Lowell

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