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Andrea Woodlief andrea_woodlief at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 13 16:27:00 CST 2006

Hello Everyone,

The Bluebonnet Children's Academy read the article about the next NTSO 
meeting from the Today at Sam, and the owner, Regina Matthews, called me today 
and we discussed the need for a "Bearkitten Program" in Huntsville with the 
community daycare centers.

She has offered to work with the students who are on financial aid from Sam. 
  If you bring proof of the award letter to Regina, then the academy will 
accept that as a promise of future payment.  She also said that if the funds 
are late, then the students just need to get a letter from the financial aid 
department (or a financial counselor) stating "the reason for why the funds 
are late" as proof.

The direct number for Regina Matthews at the Bluebonnet Children's Academy 
is 294-7479.  If we are able to create a "Bearkitten Program" then this 
school will be the first to participate.

See everyone at the meeting tomorrow!  The meeting will be in LSC room 319, 

Andrea L. Woodlief
NTSO - Business Manager
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