[Ntso] yesterdays meeting

Angi Bremkamp alb017 at shsu.edu
Wed Nov 15 15:43:48 CST 2006

Dear Members,
Yesterday we had a great meeting! I would like to give a special thanks to
our speakers who told us all about Boys and Girls club of America and
Bearkitten Academy. We got tons of information. The meeting minutes will
be posted as soon as we can.
We are going to do another Bearkat Alley this weekend. This time its and
early one so anyone wanting to participate you need to be there about 8 am
because it starts at 11am this time.Your help would be greatly
appreciated. We had a blast doing the last one. This is our way to get
funds for our banner and the grill. We did get approval for those items
We plan on having those items at the end of the week. Also we are going to
be taking donations of canned goods at bearkat alley so we can give them
to the Good Shepard Mission. This is a great family event! I know my kids
had a blast at the last Bearkat Alley and the football game. This is also
a good time to come and show support for the SHSU team.
Our next meeting will be December 5th, details will be forthcoming. We
would like to do a holiday party so any ideas would be welcomed.. If we
have it on the weekend and do something charible we can get some funding
for it so any ideas are welcomed and encouraged.
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Holiday and perhaps we will see
some of you this weekend. You are more than welcome to contact me if you
have any questions or comments.
Angi Bremkamp
alb017 at shsu.edu
Socrates:Wisdom Begins in wonder"

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