[Ntso] Some changes to the NTSO online presence...

Andrea Woodlief andrea_woodlief at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 09:08:36 CDT 2007

Hello members,

We have decided to make some changes to the NTSO online presence.  Angi has 
started a new facebook group for NTSO so we will be using this now to hold 
online discussions and to socialize, instead of the chatroom that I created 
with my magic wand a few years ago.

The Single Parents Network is still being hosted through NTSO, but it has 
been moved to Blackboard as a static discussion rather than a listserv.  If 
any other groups within NTSO would like to have a discussion than feel free 
to start one and to post messages. It is alright to share your experience 
with others if you wish to inspire or try to find people who have been in a 
similar situation for building new friendships.

We really encourage that with NTSO.  For example, the married couples, older 
students, or students who have children can all start a discussion forum in 
blackboard.  Lets keep the discussions in blackboard as much as possible, 
but if you want to start one over the listserv that is alright too.

Andrea L. Woodlief
NTSO - Staff Advisor

"Dance like nobody`s watching; love like you`ve never been hurt. Sing like 
nobody`s listening; live like it`s heaven on earth." ~  Mark Twain


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