[Ntso] running for president-Bio

Angi Bremkamp alb017 at shsu.edu
Tue May 29 12:59:14 CDT 2007

I am running for re-election as PRESIDENT.
As you all Know I am Angi Bremkamp.
I am a Psychology Major and Minoring in English. I have served as the
president of NTSO for the past year and a participating member since the
fall of 2005 when I came to Sam. While under my watch the organization has
planned and carried out many socials and informative meetings. We managed
to raise money for some very worthy charities. We also won the Outstanding
Community Service Project award at the Sammy's this year. Further more I
have been able to work with other organizations to make our biggest event
in the history of NTSO a success.
I am also a member of Psi Chi-psychology club, although not as active as I
would like to be at times. I look forward to serving as president if I am
Angi Bremkamp
alb017 at shsu.edu
Socrates:Wisdom Begins in wonder"

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