[Ntso] Volunteers

cam029 at shsu.edu cam029 at shsu.edu
Wed Oct 17 11:50:28 CDT 2007

Hey there! I hope that you are having a fantasitic week. Hanted Tours is
only TEN days away. We have some volunteers, but would like to know that
we can count on more. The reason I am asking this is so that any one
person's time is VERY minimul and will get to have the full experience
with Hauted Tours! I understand that has been hectic, but I would
certainly be able to post a "schedule" so that EVERYONE can have fun and
benifit from this great family activity.

Please remember it is October 27 (its a saturday) from 5pm-10pm. There
will be food (first come first serve), prizes, entertainment. If you would
like to you can dress up and there is going to be a hay ride. If you can a
non perishable item will be collected for the Good Shepard's Mission to be
given to them at the December meeting which they are going to be a guest

Thank you for such a great semester this far! Have fun!

Charity Moore
cam029 at shsu.edu

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