cam029 at shsu.edu cam029 at shsu.edu
Fri Oct 26 14:51:03 CDT 2007

Thank you one and all who have been so giving in your time and energy to
make TOMORROW the greatest family event.

However, I am needing to get some more volunteers "on the list" so that
the officers and few volunteers that we do have will get to have some
family time as well. Angi would like volunteers to be there around 3 to
help set up. The Haunted Tour and Fest is from 5pm to 10pm if you could
please email me and let me know that you are going to be able to attend. I
think we have the games taking care of. We need a few more "script"
readers for the actual Haunted Tours. Remember you won't have to make any
of this up or research it, just read the card and have fun.

Thank you again for all of your time and I know that everyone is really
busy at this time of year and would appreciate anyone!

Hey, this counts as attendance so if you want NTSO to appear on your
co-curricular transcript, please show up and take care of two things at
once. (Attendance count and family fun)

Have a great friday SEE YOU TOMORROW!!

Charity Moore

cam029 at shsu.edu



PS. If you can please bring a can good for the Good Shepard Mission

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