[Ntso] Room for rent

Ashley Marie Clark amc005 at shsu.edu
Mon Feb 4 20:20:55 CST 2008

Hello fellow NTSO members,

I am going to be renting a room in my house soon and I wanted to send all
of you a copy of the flyer before I post it for everyone else.  If you are
interested do not hesitate to contact me!  If you know someone else who
would be interested please pass it on.  I would prefer a non traditional
student to move in or someone who is school oriented (instead of party
oriented).  I will probably be posting this to the general public within
the next week, so let me know!  Also, if you have a child we could
possibly rearrange my sons room and add a bed and they could share a room
or something (His room is pretty big).  That way you can keep your privacy
:)  The flyer is attached

Ashley M. Clark
Student Assistant
amc005 at shsu.edu
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