[Ntso] Room for rent again

Ashley Marie Clark amc005 at shsu.edu
Mon Feb 4 20:30:55 CST 2008

Just in case you cannot open the file here is what it says:

Mobile Home Information:
•	Location: Tanglewood on Circle Dr.
•	Type: 2004 Fleetwood Festival
•	Sq. Ft: 1296
•	Bed/Bath: 3/2
•	MISC: I have everything that makes a house livable including a washer
and dryer.  You will have access to all of it.
Room Information:
•	The approximate measurements of the room are 12” by 11”
•	It has one window and one medium sized closet
•	You will have your own bathroom
•	I have a big filing cabinet in the corner that I will probably not be
able to move out of your way.  I will try but I just want to warn you.  It
would be good for sitting a TV on.
•	I currently have a sleeper sofa in the room but I plan on getting rid of
it.  If you would prefer that I keep it let me know.
•	All you would need to bring would be the typical things you keep in a
•	The room will be available at the latest March 1st 2008.
General Information:
•	The rent will be 375/month all bills paid. (water, sewage, trash,
electric, cable, and wireless internet)
•	Pets are negotiable
•	Groceries will need to be separated.
•	Visitors are allowed just let me know beforehand.
•	I currently have 3 computers in the household and you are welcome to use
one of them with my permission beforehand.
Information about me:
•	I am junior double majoring in Psychology and Criminal justice and
double minoring in Philosophy and Political Science.
•	I will be graduating in May 2009.
•	I am in the McNair Scholars Program.
•	Basically, I am not a party person and I prefer not to have one move in
either.  I am very school oriented and I hope to get someone else who is
also this way.
•	I have a 4 year old son who occupies the 3rd bedroom.  He is very well
•	We are up and about @ 7am on weekdays and @ around 9:30 or so on the
•	I cook dinner every so often and you are welcome to it if there are
•	It is a very nice home to live in at a great price if you do not mind
any of the above.
•	As I mentioned before, I have a four year old son.  If you and I both
agree to it, it may be possible to discount your rent by babysitting for
me whenever I need it.  The discounts will be talked about at the time of
agreement.  If you have a child also, we could mutually exchange
•	If you are interested in doing any maintenance work in order to keep the
house up and running we can talk about that also.  By that, I mean like
raking leaves and blowing off the roof, etc.  I DO NOT mean keeping the
house tidy because that is something you should be doing your part in

I have a lease made up which includes a lot more detail than this.  If you
are interested I can email it to you.

My email is amc005 at shsu.edu
My Phone Number is 281 745 0918    Ask for Ashley

Ashley M. Clark
Student Assistant
amc005 at shsu.edu

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