[Ntso] Fellow Non Trad needs your help

Angi Bremkamp alb017 at shsu.edu
Thu Feb 21 12:29:21 CST 2008

                            NTSO MEMBERS

   Yesterday I was informed that a former class member of mine lost his

wife to cancer. Though he is not a member of the organization he is one of

us. A Married, Parent who struggles with the challenges of obtaining and

education while caring for his family. We All know what its like. We all

know the everyday struggles of being a non-traditional student. The

addition of loosing a spouse and having two young children to school can

be more than overwhelming.

   I would like to collect donations to help pay for the funeral, food,

housing Whatever it is that this family needs.Lets open our hearts and

what ever else it is and be there for a fellow comrade.

Ill be forwarding particular needs but for now any donations can be given

to me or Dropped at Andrea's office in Lemit.
Angi Bremkamp

alb017 at shsu.edu
Socrates:Wisdom Begins in wonder"

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