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Thu May 8 09:19:39 CDT 2008

Hello Everyone,

Here is an internship that some of you might be interested in.  


> From: caryn at societyleadership.com
> To: andreawoodlief at shsu.edu
> Subject: Paid Fall 2008 Internship
> Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 10:02:08 -0400
> Hello Andrea,
> My name is Caryn and I am the Internship Coordinator for The National
> Society of Leadership and Success.  I found your email address on the Sam
> Houston State University Student Organizations list and am reaching out to
> you to present an internship opportunity I have for the Fall 2008.  Below
> is a description of the internship.  Please read through the description
> and if you are interested, email your resume to this address.  If there is
> anyone else in your organization that you feel would be a great fit, please
> share this with them as well.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Please
> do not hesitate to contact me either via email caryn at societyofsuccess.com
> or by phone 800-601-6248 X21.  Good luck with the rest of your semester!
> Caryn
> Gain Real World Experience With An On-Campus Paid Internship
> You will lead a national leadership society's chapter in helping students
> achieve their aspirations.  This is an opportunity to make your mark on
> campus and create lasting positive change in hundreds of students' lives.
> It's also an opportunity to build a team of likeminded students focused
> towards success and reaching goals.  The internship involves:  Promoting
> and facilitating monthly videoconferences featuring the nation's leading
> presenters, recruiting and supporting board members, securing an advisor,
> running meetings, participating in conference calls with other student
> presidents nationwide, public relations with university officials and
> press, marketing, and other important duties.
> Benefits for Interns
> Networking with extraordinary student leaders nationwide
> Gaining real world experience in marketing, managing, speaking, and PR
> An exceptional addition to your resume
> Only self-motivated, positive, high achieving, exceptional students should
> apply.  Must have outstanding attention to detail, follow-through,
> presentation and communication skills, and a desire to improve the quality
> of other's lives.
> Details about The National Society For Leadership and Success can be found
> at www.leadershipsociety.com
> This is a paid internship - total compensation is $500 plus a comprehensive
> leadership training retreat held right outside New York City in August
> (travel and hotel accommodations covered by Society).
> Internship Overview
> This internship involves working with The National Society of Leadership
> and Success to establish a chapter on your campus.  The National Office
> will supply you with the materials needed and walk you through the steps to
> make founding a chapter a reality.
> Time Required
> Intern may expect to dedicate an average of 7-10 hours per week.
> Internship Tasks
> Find an advisor and send necessary materials to the National Office for
> invitations
> Select the Executive Board 
> Hold 1 to 2 meetings with the Executive Board per month and send minutes of
> each meeting to Internship Coordinator 
> Host kick-off meeting
> Assign students to their Success Networking Teams (SNT) 
> Facilitate the Leadership Training Day 
> Run 3 videoconferences in the fall (speakers provided by National Office)
> Submit weekly progress reports to your Internship Coordinator 
> Participate in monthly Student President Conference Calls (required to
> fulfill Intern role)
> Meet with Internship Coordinator on a weekly basis (via the phone)
> Hold an induction ceremony at the end of the fall semester
> Make sure all new Executive Board members are trained to fulfill roles
> Secure at least half of the funding to continue beyond the first year
> Payment is made at the end of the fall semester
> Send your resume to caryn at societyofsuccess.com by Thursday, May 15, 2008.

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