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 Hello all NTSO's,

 I asked Andrea if I could send something out telling you all about a resource that is available to NTSO's and the community as well. I’m doing my Counseling Practicum in the Jack Staggs Counseling Center here on campus. We need clients and the counseling service is free.
 It’s a great resource for non-traditional students in this area or who come to campus once a week. School can be so stressful and balancing school, family, work and self can feel like such a whirlwind. I hope that some of our folks will take advantage of the opportunity to have someone to talk things out with for free while giving our interns the opportunity to practice under the supervision of counseling program faculty.
 For those who aren't in need in themselves, please recommend our practice to friends and family. We are available to anyone in the community you know who may need that extra support. I've attached the flyer for the Counseling Center. Appointments can be made by calling 936-294-1121.
 I am also interested in starting an anxiety education and support group. I need at least three people. We would meet at the counseling center from 7:00 to 7:45 on Thursday evenings. If you are interested, please email me directly at jks008 at shsu.edu<mailto:jks008 at shsu.edu>.
 Many thanks for any help you can give us by spreading the word about the Counseling Center. We need clients!!!


 Judy Shofner

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