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From: Cynthia Frantz [mailto:Cindy.Frantz at oberlin.edu]
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Subject: data from married women needed

Below is a request for help from my honors student, who is trying to
study people other than undergraduates! Any support you can give her
would be greatly appreciated.



My name is Rebecca Popuch, and I am a senior Honors student in the
Psychology Department at Oberlin College. I am completing an honors
project on some behaviors and personality traits that help enhance
marital satisfaction for married women. The survey is available online
(at the link below), and will take about 15-25 minutes of your time. If
you are eligible (a woman who is currently married), and would be
willing, I would be exceptionally grateful. Also, if you are not
eligible (not a married women), but know others (family members or
friends) who might be willing to participate, I would greatly
appreciate it if you forwarded this message and the link to them.

If you choose to participate, you should only answer those questions
that you feel comfortable answering. And, of course, your data is
anonymous and will not be associated with your name in any way. At
any time during the
survey you are free to stop; if you are interrupted (for example, if
you need to leave, or your computer is malfunctioning but would like
to continue
the survey, you can use the link to go back to the  survey, and will
start right where you left off.

Again, I would be extremely appreciative if you would consider

The link:


Rebecca Popuch
Oberlin College
Cindy McPherson Frantz

Cindy McPherson Frantz

Department of Psychology

Oberlin College

Oberlin, OH 44074

440 775 8499

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