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Jessica R. Gurley stdjrg13 at shsu.edu
Wed Apr 26 14:48:00 CDT 2006

We need your help!

The doctoral program is in the process of completing the 5 year report for
the psychological services center. We need some pictures and we would
really like some pictures of some students (group picture) and we would
like to invite you all to attend so you can all be in the picture too!
We're on a time crunch for the report, so we want to take the pictures
THIS Friday at 11 (4-28). PLEASE do your best to be there. We would also
like as many faculty members to be there as possible for the picture. Any
questions, please email me.

Jessica R. Gurley, M.A.
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
Department of Psychology and Philosophy
Sam Houston State University
jgurley at shsu.edu

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