[Psychmasters] CNE 570, Career Counseling

Miller, Rowland Spence PSY_RSM at shsu.edu
Tue May 9 12:48:14 CDT 2006


I'm hearing that the Counseling people may open another section of CNE
570 in the Fall if there is sufficient interest (i.e., enough
prospective students).  I can't make any promises on behalf of those
folks, but it may be useful for anyone who hopes for such an opportunity
to record their interest with me.  Armed with a healthy list, I'll go
visit with the CNE folks and argue our case.

So, if you're interested in CNE 570 for the Fall, will you please let me
know?  Hit "reply" and ask me to put your name on the list whether or
not you've already talked to the CNE staff yourself.


Doc M.

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