[Psychmasters] New Research Opportunities

Miller, Rowland Spence PSY_RSM at shsu.edu
Fri Sep 1 16:27:32 CDT 2006


I'm developing research teams that will address two questions this year.
One focus is the extent to which people differ in the interest and
energy with which they monitor alternatives (e.g., new potential
partners) to their present romantic relationships.  In particular, a
first task will be to develop a self-report instrument that can reliably
distinguish attentive from inattentive people.

A second focus will break new ground in studies of relational processes.
I want to pursue individual differences in preferences for "romantic
hyperbole," or exaggerated demonstrations of love and attachment from
one's romantic partner.  My guess is that people and couples that insist
on dramatic displays of affection (e.g., 6 presents on Valentine's Day)
differ in meaningful ways from those who are less lurid in declarations
of devotion.

I welcome your inquiries about these fine endeavors.  In particular,
I'll hold an organizational meeting on 2:00, Weds., Sept. 6, in a
location to be determined for all those interested.  Let me know if
you're coming and/or wishing to know more.


Rowland (Rody) Miller

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