[Psychmasters] Potential Summer Course Offerings

Miller, Rowland Spence PSY_RSM at shsu.edu
Thu Nov 16 15:48:08 CST 2006


It's already time to decide on the courses we'll be offering next summer, and I need to check your appetite for two possibilities.

First, we'll offer PSY 733, Law and Social Psychology, IF there are folks who want to take it.  It's a swell course that addresses such compelling topics as false (?) confessions, recovered (?) memories, eyewitness adequacy, jury decision-making, death qualification, and the role of social class in capital cases, among other contentious issues.  Take the course, and all will become clear.  It will be an elective on your degree plan if you wish to take it, and yes, it'll be open to you.

We will also offer PSY 582, Industrial Organizational Psychology, IF there are folks who want to take it.  This course will serve as one of the "non-thesis option" selections if you're not writing a thesis, or it can also be one of your electives.  
Please let me know of your interest in taking either course.  We'll not put them on our schedule unless there's sufficient interest, so do, please, get in touch.


Doc M.

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